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Bedding Glossary of Terms by One Kings Lane

I won’t necessarily be listing terms in alphabetical order, but will be sharing terms from which you can pick and choose to create your own glossary of terms that will help you with your bedroom or kitchen decorating ideas and interior decor.


Valances are a popular window treatment decorating tool born from the Victorian Era.  They are an attractive window treatment that effectively and discreetly conceal drapery hardware.  Valances can be used in conjunction with blinds and curtains or hung alone for a clean, modern look. Sometimes referred to as swag, valances are a great way to personalize your bedroom decorating idea and bedding accessories.

Classic Swag Valance

Ascot valances are usually made with ornate materials such as silk or velvet and are often adorned with tassels and fringe.  It is a triangular treatment usually used on a double rod between two matching panels. This elaborate valance will add a traditional sense of  luxury to any room in your house.

Balloon Valance

Just as the name implies, a balloon valance provides a full, puffy appearance. It is a straight across valance that contains sewn pockets that can be filled with tissue paper or left empty for a more streamlined and tailored look. Balloon valances are often made of lightweight cotton material. These valances are great in feminine and little girls’ bedrooms.

Cornice Valance

Cornice Valance

Unlike other valances, the cornice valance is mounted to a cornice board. This provides for a clean look and the boards can be covered in any material you desire–flat, padded or pleated. The beauty of the cornice valance is that you can change your look without changing all of your curtains or drapes.

Festoon Valance

From the Latin festa, this decorative valance is just what the Latin origin implies–festive!  The Festoon valance is characterized by folded fabric that hangs in a curved shape and frames the top of the window.

Jabot Valance

A three pieced valance, the jabot valance is versatile on many levels.  The two side pieces hand down the sides of the window and the center piece fits the width of the window.  This look often has a scalloped effect, but can be manipulated in many ways to produce a number of desired looks from elegant to funky.

Swag Valances

Searching for that “Pottery Barn Perfect” look?  Look no further, the swag window valance is for you!  A swag is a style where the fabric hangs in semicircular folds.  The swag can be fashioned in a number of ways to produce a formal/draped look or a more casual, ruffled look. The swag can be elaborate or simply a loosely draped piece of fabric, making it one of the more versatile, and depending on your fabric choice economical valance options.

These are just a few examples of some of the more popular valances. I look forward to any feedback or suggestions regarding some of your favorite types of valances or if you want some more information I would be happy to provide you with more options.  Valances are a nice way to change the look of a room without changing all of your window treatments. I love the versatile valance!

In our next glossary of terms post, we will talk about comforters, coverlets and others. If there is a term that I haven’t covered that you would like to know about, just drop me a comment. In the meantime, I hope this helps with choosing your quality bedding.

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