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6 Parameters to Which is to Pay Attention When Buying a Game Console

What could be more entertaining than the impressive, exciting world of alternate reality, which can be in the center with the help of modern gaming devices?

Unmatched graphics, intriguing plots, the effect of involvement in the game – all this makes the gameplay attractive and exciting. It is not surprising that people spend their leisure time mastering new, more complex generations of game consoles – both portable and for TV.

The most important advantage of consoles is that it is more convenient to play them than on a PC. Why? You do not need to know the system requirements, there is no question “will it start or not?”, Do not upgrade, update drivers and worry about the game not slowing down. Often, the game does not even have to pre-install: insert the disc – and play.

With the mobile games of Nintendo Wii Sports, no one will be able to sit on the couch!

Can the console do something else besides running games? Yes, they can be used as media players. That is, to listen to music and view pictures, photos, videos. Including on the big screen – it is assumed that you will connect the console to the TV (adapters will be needed for monitors).

The features and nuances of current gaming consoles today will be discussed below.

PlayStation 2

PlayStation 2

The legendary product of Sony engineers. This console appeared on the market in 2000, but even now – more than ten years later – it is being sold and in demand (the total number of sold consoles has exceeded 150 million).

What is a good old woman PS2? She has an amazing library of games. We’ll name just a few: God of War dilogy about the epic battle of the Spartan rebel with the gods of ancient Greece, the excellent auto-simulator Gran Turismo 4, the horror series Silent Hill, the crazy arcade auto racing Burnout, the Tekken and Fighting games Soul Calibur, the Guitar Hero music projects … And etc.

The disadvantages are in the respectable age of the device. Graphics in the PlayStation 2 games are now perceived as outdated: no HD resolution, incredible special effects or photorealism. Very modest and media features: the console can serve as a DVD player and music CDs. Also, there is no network integration and other newfangled chips.

PlayStation 3

PlayStation 3

PlayStation 3 appeared on the shelves in 2006 and immediately secured the title of an excellent home media player. The console is equipped with a Blu-ray drive (which, of course, reads and regular DVD) and built-in hard drive. Able to play video files from external drives and can be used as a picture viewer (for example, to display photos to guests).

PS3 also has its own browser, which is quite suitable for simple tasks: watching videos on YouTube, reading news feeds or checking weather forecasts. Writing emails or blog comments on the PS3 is inconvenient – typing speed is very low. However, for fans of the epistolary genre is sold a special mini-keyboard. Connection to the Network is made using a standard network cable or Wi-Fi-adapter.

The PS3 games library is interesting, first of all, by such exclusive projects as the adventure series Uncharted (it’s like “Indiana Jones”, only better) or the spectacular races of MotorStorm. There are good projects for children, say, a funny game-designer LittleBigPlant or funny pokatushki ModNation Racers.

Nintendo wii

Nintendo wii

A key feature of the Wii is its control system. Wiimote, which looks like a TV remote control, and the so-called “nunchuk” – a compact controller with a small joystick, are taken in the right and left hand, respectively. The console monitors their movement in space, allowing you to control the game with the help of intuitive gestures. Need to beat a racket ball in tennis? Swipe your hand as if holding a real racket. Went on a virtual fishing and you bite? Sharply wag Wiimote towards yourself, as if snagging a fish. Fighting a monster? Wave the Wiimote, presenting a sword in your hand.

This control makes the Nintendo Wii very attractive for casual (i.e., not very familiar with games) audiences and for children. And in the library of projects an announcement was made for fun party entertainment. Of course, many branded projects from Nintendo (Mario, for example).

Alas, in terms of power and performance, the Wii cannot compete with competitors in the face of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. It does not know how to produce an HD image, the graphics in games are fairly straightforward.

Xbox 360

Xbox 360

Perhaps the most common in our last generation console. It is produced by Microsoft, which supported the HD DVD format and so did not equip its offspring with a more relevant Blu-ray drive today. Alas, the Xbox 360 is a regular and rather noisy DVD-Rom. In order to reduce decibels, games should be pre-copied to the built-in hard disk, and other content (movies, music, pictures) can be played from external drives.

The first installments of the Xbox 360 are known for their unreliability. The console was prone to overheating and often broke. We advise you to buy models or the latest revised revisions, or pay attention to the modification of the Xbox 360 S. It has a better design, it is quieter and more durable. In addition, the S-model has a built-in Wi-Fi module. In the old Xbox 360 model, there is only a standard network connector (and the Wi-Fi module is purchased as an accessory).

Speaking of the Microsoft console, not to mention the gaming accessory Kinect. It is a sort of bar in which video cameras and a 3D sensor are embedded. Kinect reads your movements and allows you to play without a controller at all, running in place, making movements with your arms and legs. Of course, you can not use it in all games, but only in specially designed projects. There are not many of them, but they are rather colorful and fascinating – children and adults (not avid players) will surely like them.

The choice of console depends on which games you like and prefer to play. How important is graphics to you, performance? Or are you looking for an inexpensive game console model? So many questions that need to be answered.

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