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TOP-3 Best Home Bookshelf Speakers

Having an active bookshelf speaker system and a large screen in the apartment, you can fully enjoy all the delights of the cinema without leaving your home. Modern systems have a very powerful, high-quality sound and are able to work in intensive mode. Bookshelf speakers located in different parts of the apartment provide surround sound without losing sound quality, even in large rooms. Systems of the middle price category and premium class are able to work not only at home, but also used for professional purposes.

The most popular for use in the home are sound systems that include two front speakers, two rear speakers, a center speaker and a subwoofer, or, as they are also called, 5.1 systems. In this article we will try to find out which systems enjoyed the greatest popularity of users in the past year.

Yamaha NS-P150

Yamaha NS-P150

The best models of the budget category belongs to the passive system of the Japanese manufacturer, made in Indonesia – Yamaha NS-P150, which consists of two rear and one central speaker. The material of the case is MDF, finished in black or mahogany. It is possible to place the system on a shelf or attach it to a wall; fasteners and terminals are provided for this. The covered frequency range is quite sufficient for comfortable watching movies at home and listening to music.

The best way to apply this system is to expand the functionality of the available front speakers. According to consumers, this system is one of the best in the budget segment for use as a rear and central systems. In this case, the trust is the name of the world company and the best value for money.

The main advantages are also excellent sound at mid and high frequencies, nice design. Well, the disadvantages include insufficient cable length, lower sound quality at low frequencies and the fact that the system is demanding for care (dust is immediately noticeable).


  • Great sound quality
  • Affordable price


  • The bookshelf speakers cable is not long enough


Edifier s2000


The design has a stylish design, the surface is decorated with piano lacquer, the body of the bookshelf speakers is made of fiberboard. An external amplifier unit with a built-in Burr-Brown BB1732 DAC is used.

Acoustic design is displayed on the front panel. Speakers are used for home studio, sound quality is close to active studio monitors.

The design is equipped with special legs. High-quality equipment, the kit includes two speakers, power cord, remote and technical instructions.


  • form of acoustics – 2.0;
  • type – stationary;
  • frequency range – from 20 to 20 000 Hz;
  • case material – wood;
  • protection – magnetic shielding speakers;
  • equipment (two speakers, wired remote, power cord, instructions, packaging);
  • dimensions – 172 by 296 by 215 mm.


  • providing high-quality sound;
  • digital input;
  • wireless remote control;
  • equipment with screw clamps;
  • beautiful appearance, stylish design.


  • high price.

Microlab Solo 5C


Microlab Solo 5C is distinguished by a good balance of price, size and sound quality. Perhaps this is the optimum for many, even if it has risen much because of the exchange rate. Alas, this applies to all imported goods. Modification with the letter C in the index is completed with a wireless remote control. And it can be useful even for desktop placement of bookshelf speakers, because the developers have placed the mechanical volume control on the rear panel.

The rest is a classic of the genre: a two-way circuit with a main speaker of 5 inches (about 13 cm) and a dome tweeter, a body made of acceptable thickness of a wood plate, which the developers stubbornly call MDF, although in the cut it commemorates the pressed recycled pulp mass covered with a polymer film under the tree”. It is possible that the truth is somewhere in the middle, and is it really so important at all?

The power supply and amplifier are located in one column, the second is passive. The system sounds nice, the frequency response of the frequency response is not shocking. The high frequencies are moderately transparent, the bass is not subwoofer in power and depth, but it is, on the whole, sufficient. Actually, Microlab Solo 5C is so good that they are constructively balanced, all the elements are on a solid “four”.


  • good balance of price
  • size and sound quality.


  • volume control on the rear panel

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