TOP-3 BREAD MAKERS IN 2018 – 2019

Thanks to bread makers, you can easily make homemade bread or a loaf, as well as make an exquisite cake. And for the best convenience of choosing a model, we have prepared a rating of the best bread makers for 2018 – 2019, which have an excellent price-performance ratio. This top 10 includes really popular bread machines, according to buyers and experts.

Criteria For Choosing a Good Bread Maker

Maximum baking weight and the possibility of its adjustment

Baking weight usually varies from 500 g to 1250 g. The guideline for choosing the optimal weight of a loaf should be the amount of bread consumed by the family in 1-2 days.


In modern bread machines there are from 5 to 19 programs and functions, including the main modes of baking, cooking jam, muffins, yogurt, diet bread (yeast-free, salt-free, gluten-free). Actual presence of the timer, dispenser for nuts and raisins, additional forms and vanes.


For bread makers, buttons can be touch, touch in glass or pseudo-touch, and each type of button is convenient in its own way. All processes are displayed on the display (with or without light). In budget models, the display is often missing.

In addition to these most important criteria when choosing the best bread maker, you should take into account the design, dimensions, weight of equipment, as well as the noise level at work.

Panasonic SD-ZB2512KTS

Panasonic SD-ZB2512KTS

The user can choose one of three sizes of loaf: “brick” for about 600 g, 800 g or 1 kg. The device is able to bake a loaf weighing up to 1¼ kg. The dough pan is covered with teflon, so the bread does not stick, and the container is easy to clean.

The user of such a device has 12 different programs (dough for pies or noodles, jam, charlotte …), so he can enjoy a variety of dishes.

Advantages of the Panasonic SD-ZB2512KTS:

  • there is an automatic yeast dispenser and a dispenser for nuts, raisins – you do not have to interrupt the operation of the device to add ingredients;
  • You can choose the color of the crust: dark, light or golden;
  • prepares dough for ravioli, pies, pizza, etc .;
  • can cook diet, rye bread, bran bread and bake cupcakes;
  • makes jam: if you want a sandwich with jam – the stove will cook;
  • the launch of the start can be postponed for 13 hours: if you want freshly baked bread in the morning or in the evening, you just need to load the ingredients and program the bread maker, and then she can handle herself;
  • keeps the temperature – baking will remain warm.

The disadvantage is that it will not be possible to observe the operation of the bread machine without harming the baking: the appliance has no viewing window.

Gorenje BM1200BK

Gorenje BM1200BK

The device is equipped with two paddles for kneading dough. Ready baking takes the form of a brick. Products are easy to get at the expense of the form with non-stick coating. To such capacity does not stick dough, therefore it is simple to wash it. A bread machine with 12 cooking modes is able to make pastries weighing 1.2 kg – enough for a family of 3-4 people.

Advantages of the model:

  • Able to bake white, rye, French bread, as well as gluten free products and whole grain breads;
  • Bakes cupcakes, can and just knead the dough, so it will make cooking dumplings, pizza and pies easier;
  • Makes jam and jam;
  • There is a launch delay – you only need to program the bread machine and it will turn on at a convenient time for the host;
  • Gorenje BM1200BK is equipped with a viewing window – you can watch the baking process, without opening the lid, add work time to control the color of the crust.


  • You will have to add toppings (nuts, raisins) yourself – the device does not have a dispenser;
  • baking loaves of the same size – bake a small cake on one does not work.

Kenwood BM250

Kenwood BM250

This is a neat bread machine with a viewing window and a rectangular shape for cooking. The container and the blade are provided with a nonstick coating. Due to Teflon, they are easy to wash, and baking – to get.

What is good:

  • able to bake 500/750/1000 grams of bread, allows with a crust of different colors;
  • able to maintain the temperature for an hour – during this time, baking is guaranteed to be warm;
  • the current program after shutdown is saved for 8 minutes – useful if you briefly turn off the electricity;
  • Kenwood BM250 bakes from coarse and rye flour, makes French bread and muffin from whole grain and wheat flour;
  • makes cupcakes and jam;
  • kneads dough without baking – will reduce the time for cooking fried pies, pizza, dumplings: the chef needs only to prepare the filling and put the pizza / open pie in the oven;
  • the launch of the bread machine can be postponed for 15 hours (maximum).

Possible complaints:

  • no toppings dispenser – poppy, fruit, nuts need to add yourself.

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