What Camera to Choose the Organization of Video Systems for Home

Reliable protection of the object is difficult to imagine without a well-organized video surveillance system. But to pick up devices that will fully meet the conditions of use, is not easy. Complicates the selection of a wide range and functionality of the equipment presented on the domestic market. Which camera is better to choose for video surveillance and what parameters of the device to pay attention to? Look for answers in our article.

How to choose a surveillance camera: key parameters

A properly selected video camera will provide the necessary perimeter overview in the existing conditions at the lowest possible procurement and operating costs. But how to choose the “one”, the ideal camera, what to look for when buying? Below is a list of the technical characteristics of the device, which the visionary buyer should know.

Viewing Angle and Focus They determine the coverage area

Blink-Wireless-Outdoor-Security-CameraCCTV and image view, which can be panoramic, medium-to-close or portrait. A video camera with a small viewing angle provides maximum focus, respectively, allows for a detailed view of people entering the room. However, to see the room entirely through such equipment probably will not work.

If you want to monitor objects located at a distance of 30-40 meters from the device, then you should choose equipment with a viewing angle not exceeding 45º. If it is necessary to cover the whole room, then devices with a viewing angle of 90º and more are recommended. However, in this case, the effect of distancing occurs, respectively, when watching a video, you can make out less details. There are also cameras with a variable viewing angle (variofocal lens), but they cost almost one and a half times more expensive than similar ones – with a fixed one.

What is the difference between video surveillance equipment for an office and an apartment?

In order for the video surveillance system to be able to effectively carry out the tasks assigned to it on labor optimization, control and safety, this equipment must provide remote control. Selection and installation of equipment is carried out in the same way as in the apartment.

Given the huge range, types and modifications of video surveillance systems, the online store Videocontrol offers you assistance in selecting and completing video surveillance systems, taking into account the installation site, your preferences and budget.

Due to the wide range of products in our online store, you can choose and buy a video surveillance system for your home, apartment and office at a bargain price. Videocontrol – the safety of your property and security.

swann-smart-security-camSome users install a camera in the parking lot and return from work to check if there is a free parking space. A particularly sophisticated install video surveillance in the kitchen and lying in the living room watching the preparation of food. In such milk never runs away.

In general, video surveillance is not always about trouble, it is about life and can often give you the most unexpected and enjoyable shots.

Prevent the idea that video is being continuously recorded in your house, and the cat is protesting if you actively monitor its movement? Use the recording time settings using a video surveillance camera only in your absence. There is an alarm recording option, for example, when a motion sensor is triggered or a door is opened. In the event of a signal, you will receive an alert on your mobile or email. And special mobile applications will help you monitor your home 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

Some consider CCTV a waste of money. Of course, if you have a certificate with a stamp from Mrs. Luck that nothing bad will never happen at home, on the floor or in the entrance, you are lucky and you do not need cameras. If you are one of us, unprivileged mortals, perhaps you should think again. More than once, law enforcement officers themselves came to our office and asked for videos to speed up the investigation. By the way, the decision to provide recordings from personal CCTV cameras is up to you.

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